About Us

We build bespoke RegTech solutions to help clients adapt to accelerating change.

We identify and work with select, like-minded clients, who respond to change and view technology as strategic to future-proofing their business. Clients who:

  • Accept change is inevitable
  • Want to differentiate themselves
  • Require functional solutions
  • Want to change the way industry works
  • Value responsiveness and speed-to-market

What We Do

We build bespoke RegTech solutions to simplify the landscape as complex regulatory and compliance requirements continue to increase.

With a proven track record of building secure, cost effective, cloud-based solutions, we help clients adapt to the challenges of:

  • Competitors and client retention
  • Client growth and acquisition
  • Market responsiveness
  • Reducing cost and complexity
  • Leveraging industry expertise
  • Ensuring consistent delivery

How We Do It

Using client industry knowledge, we employ unique data and business rules expertise to structure complex regulatory compliance requirements and rules for our ‘fit-for-purpose’ Metior technology.

Metior’s highly configurable cloud based architecture enables rapid development of bespoke RegTech solutions for global deployment.

Our customer orientated and solutions-driven culture simplifies all aspects of solution build to solve complex regulatory and compliance challenges.

We also offer extensive technical and software solution support, together with comprehensive management of the hosting environment.