Client Retention and New Markets

Demand is rising for businesses that can provide solutions to complex and novel problems. Commoditising industry expertise to offer lower-priced services can aid customer retention in the face of increased competition whilst meeting the demand for lower fees. Providing clients with potentially differentiated ‘must-have’ technology solutions to simplify new disruptive regulation can open up new markets.

Market Responsiveness

RegTech is one of the largest sectors within the FinTech space as complex regulatory and compliance requirements continue to come into force. Being able to offer lower-priced technology driven solutions (services) can help businesses remain relevant and competitive in the face of accelerating change and rising costs due to increasing regulations.

Reducing Cost and Complexity

Our highly configurable technology Hub enables rapid development of bespoke RegTech solutions, built and deployed with no up-front development costs, infrastructure or maintenance overhead. Complexity is reduced by the structuring and packaging of regulatory or compliance requirements, resulting in cost-effective, functional solutions that simplify the complex compliance landscape.

Leveraging Industry Expertise

Regulatory and compliance requirements, policies, best practice, or transaction reporting rules, are easily structured in the form of data or business rules for our ‘fit-for-purpose’ technology Hub. This enables business to commercialise industry knowledge, secure intellectual property whilst ensuring a consistent approach and methodology to regulatory and compliance activities.