Our Journey

The beginning

Our roots go back to 2001, developing SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions for the South African market, with the iTax solution supported and used by many local blue chip firms to process and submit information to the SA Revenue Services. Over 6 million transactions have been switched to date.

Believing there to be opportunities to build solutions for the UK market, and where our future lies, we started developing Metior (our technology) to enable development of risk and compliance solutions.

The early days

This led to the establishment of Mettis Interactive Services Limited in London. However, our most noteworthy initial solution build was a risk and compliance assessment tool for a South African consultancy, for use by a British multinational telecommunications conglomerate subsidiary in SA, among others, to assist them attain compliance to the Protection of Personal Information Act (GDPR being the global equivalent).

Metior proved to hit the ‘sweet-spot’ with its highly configurable and powerful assessment capabilities that can encapsulate any regulatory or compliance requirement.

The future

The next test was working with one of London’s global compliance and regulatory consulting firms to build a MiFID II solution to help their clients attain compliance. Using our data and business rules skill-set, we combined their MiFID II domain expertise with Metior to build the MAST: MiFID II Analyser Solution and Tracker tool.

Through on-going R&D and client learning Metior has matured into a highly configurable cloud based technology architecture with modules enabling rapid development of bespoke RegTech solutions. Solutions plug into the Metior Hub to centralise and manage client relationships, regulatory compliance activities and distribute services more effectively.