Build Solutions

We use our Metior technology by configuring or enhancing its purpose-built modules to build RegTech solutions for compliance and regulatory consulting firms.

Solutions can plug into the Metior Hub and be configured to include regulatory and compliance requirements or rules for data audit, transaction reporting and submissions. Functions that can be built include:

Compliance Management: planning & organisation, monitoring, assurance

Regulatory Updates & Review: new requirements, client profiling, communication, tasks

Event Management: incident & breach management, complaints, integrated workflow

Employee Compliance: registers, PA dealing, promotions, complaints, integrated workflow

Client Onboarding & Management: due diligence, 3rd party vetting, workflow

Data Audit: acquisition, formatting, rules application, validation

Data Submission: rules engine, submission & response management

Document Library: policy management, client templates, policies & procedures

Integration: 3rd party solutions, APIs, import & export