The Calendar function centrally manages Regulator, Advisor and Industry Association requirements, with the source being the Obligations or Profiling functions if used.

Once an organisation has indicated regulatory bodies and industry sector to which it is subject, appropriate Regulatory Requirements are posted to personalised calendars, with associated pre-configured forms and tools to manage them. Users are alerted to upcoming events, tasks or actions linked to Regulatory Requirements, enabling a collaborative management environment.

Regulatory events arising in the operational environment can also be incorporated into the Calendar, including company-specific ad hoc events. Events requiring a regulatory response can be defined, along with tasks to ensure they are handled in a compliant manner.

Assessments, attestations, on-going monitoring, or any other solutions built using Metior’s Compliance Evaluator, Resource Evaluator and Data Evaluator components can be scheduled and managed using the Calendar to further enhance client retention and revenue growth efforts.

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