Data Audit

Data Audit functions alleviate the burden of gathering, validating, and formatting data often held in disparate systems across an enterprise. Structured or unstructured data can be acquired, organised in terms of format, classification, and categorisation, and data rules applied. A secure, central Operational Data Store (ODS) is used to store, match and manipulate data without impacting legacy systems holding the source data.

An Upload Manager easily transfers data from legacy systems into the ODS, allowing both exported data and spread sheets to be uploaded using ‘drag and drop’ mapping to obviate the need to change legacy data structures.

Bulk data can be uploaded in a number of standard formats (csv, fixed length, spread sheet), with the data stored as an image. It is then structured and mapped into pre-defined schemas, while checking the fit and format of each data element.

A Standardisation Engine allows data to be restructured from its legacy state to fulfil specific requirements.

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