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GRC Practitioners and the Cloud

Last week, a Cloud-based pilot Compliance Evaluation project was put on hold by a potential client because their IT Department is due to install new servers, and they don’t want to engage with new systems until the process is complete. Once again, advances in technology seem to have completely bypassed both the potential client and its...
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Technology Impact on GRC Consulting

Amy-Baj-Forbes-DellWorld-PostTechnology, the harbinger of change Successive waves of technology advances that have fundamentally affected the way in which many traditional service industries operate in the 21st century, are starting to impact the GRC Consulting industry. Since the late 1990’s, the brick-and-mortar establishments of industries such as Travel Agents...
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Disruptive Pricing

There have been comments with regard to the dangers of using Excel in the GRC environment. So what will make people move from Excel to cloud-based technology services? What will shift the inertia? Perhaps people fear change. Perhaps companies have entrenched systems. One thing is certain. Technology will disrupt the way people do things in companies....
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