Working Remotely

Global Change


Unprecedented global change is forcing us to become masters of adaptability and agility. Technology adoption with remote and flexible working is inevitable, with a likely lasting change in how we work.


Rather than only digitising the relationship between firm and customer, new virtual models digitise relationships between firm and employee. In a matter of days processes are being digitised, leaving firms that cannot change overnight behind.


With technology at the heart of business, working remotely can become second nature with staff carrying out business as usual. Client projects can continue to run smoothly with management oversight, efficiency and productivity.

Working Remotely

Using our Metior Hub consulting clients can rapidly respond to the need to manage and connect with employees working remotely while continuing to service and collaborate with clients.

Its cloud-based architecture enables firms, employees and clients to adapt to the new ‘normal’ way of working, connecting consultants and clients anywhere, anytime.

  • Unlimited clients and users
  • Consultant and team oversight
  • Collaborative communication
  • Customised services
  • Remote audits and assessments
  • Graphical dashboards and results
  • Alerts and prompts


Central management of client relationships and regulatory compliance activities is strictly controlled with role-based user access across firms, users and consultants. User adoption is made easy through intuitive interfaces requiring minimal training.

Scheduling of consultant and client tasks is supported, based on customised services on a client by client basis with consultants able to manage programs on behalf of their clients.

Workflow manages user interaction through role-based tasks and approvals, with dashboards indicating activity and progress, and alerts notifying remote users of issues. Attestations with evidentiary documentation or artefacts can be uploaded to support audits and reviews.